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Welcome to Postcard Games

Hey Humans. Glad to have you here. This is my new site, my new blog, and some words from outta my head. The last two years have been challenging for me as it has been for all of us, but I finally got the gumption and energy needed to put this new site together and I hope you find it illuminating or at least a bit of warm pablum in the darkness of the screaming void.

I am working on a new Postcard Game that will hopefully kickstart this year. It's a CO-OP with an Eldritch and Cosmic Horror theme. Before I can get that going I have to put up a long overdue and promised How to Play video for Postcard Galactic.

The new store is moving here and there have been some changes. Slight price increases, and hopefully a more secure and safe payment system since I am now here on Wix.

Postcard Games (dot com) is dead, LONG LIVE POSTCARD GAMES (dot com)!

May your 2022 be better than the last 2 years combined.


Joseph Limbaugh

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